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My teaching style for students is informal, humorous, empathetic, and ridiculously encouraging. I love making a difference in student’s lives  and would very much like to make your ride smooth, steady, and successful

David Hutt, with 30 years of experience in tutoring high school students in math, science, and test prep and a track record of 70 students landing a perfect score on the SAT, truly cares about his students and their success. He is not only qualified to help high schoolers with test prep, but he is also experienced in grad school test prep.

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Michelangelo was once  asked  how it was he could create such stunningly beautiful statues. His answer was: I just get rid of what doesn’t belong.

  • If there are two opposite answers, draw an arrow between the two of them and know that 90 percent of the time, one of those answers will be correct.
  • Look at the shortest English answer first; If you see it as correct, choose it quickly and go on to the next question.
  • On harder math questions, simpler answers are almost always wrong-choose most complicated answer if not sure.
  • Extreme words such as “always” will be the wrong answer on reading question unless you are looking for a “NOT” question.  
  • Be careful of choosing middle “C” or middle ” H” on the last  25% of math questions; they will be from 90 to 100 percent wrong.

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